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I’m Dangerously Wealthy and I Don’t Receive Booty from Any Govt – Bishop Oyedepo Boasts

The Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, Dr David Oyedepo has said that he has never received or shared any booty from any government in Nigeria. He boasted of God’s blessings on his life and that he has a clear conscience. “I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said.

Oyedepo stated this at the opening session of Shiloh 2018, the annual gathering of the members of the Living Faith Church tagged “Dominion” at its International Headquarters, Canaan Land, Ota in Ogun State.
The Bishop warned those he called ‘political gladiators’ to understand that authority is now domiciled in the church, saying, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.”

Speaking on “Heralding the Dominion Era of the Church,” he declared that the authority that enthroned the church was from heaven and not man-made. “It is not something that we organise; it is by the hand of God. You can be upset, it won’t change anything,” he added.

He told the congregation, which included 4,512 delegates from 43 nations of the world that God would be confirming in these last days that heavens rules in the affairs of men. “If the church comes against any arrogant, puffing fellows, they shall be messed up,” he affirmed.

Oyedepo noted that for anyone to dominate his world, he has to first dominate the issues of his life. “Until one is rescued, he cannot rescue others. We must remove the beam in our eyes before we can remove the mote in other people’s eyes,” he urged.

The event, which will end with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, December 9, 2018, is the 20th edition of the annual programme that features prayers, special ministrations, instant testimonies and encounter nights.

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  1. I am dangerously wealthy and do not receive any booty from Government – Oyedepo
    This man claim to be dangerously wealthy which to me is true statement because of the dangerous way he is acquiring the wealth. How wealthy was Jesus Christ he is taking after when he was on earth? Jesus told his disciples that he has nowhere to rest his head like the birds roost meaning he was not interested in wealth. Does it mean that God did not bless him? Not all for God bless him abundantly beyond his imagination. No wonder he emphasized in Mathew 6:33 that we should seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness first and all these other things will be added unto us. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule his people and he was given more wealth. Why is this man basting of his wealth that no one knows where it comes from even though he claimed God blessed him with the wealth. Jesus Christ used his resources to help many but how many has he helped with his wealth. As a matter of fact, some of his followers who can afford it pay through their noses to send their children to his school. Anyway, l blame it on the ignorant followers who will not see and differentiate God’s work (spirituality) from business ventures. Any Church in business is doing the same thing that made Jesus to drive away those buying and selling at the temples please

  2. Do you know what it means by “other things shall be added unto you”?

    You need to interprete the scriptures on its right context. Do you think in the days of Solomon there were no poor people in his kingdom?

    What would you to tell me, if Dangote gets born again today, should he become poor to show that he is a true christian?

    All wealth belong to God, I wonder ehen you associate God with poverty!

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