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If Your Boyfriend Has Never Beaten You, He Does Not Love You – Lady Says

A lady took to social media to declare that if your boyfriend has never beaten you before then he does not really love you.

According to the lady named  Licious Rika on Instagram, the more a man beats his girlfriend,the more it shows how much he loves the girl and wants to correct her. “And it is just the same way our parents beat us out of love when we were small” she said.

Her opinion has gathered a lot of social media reactions with many users blaming her and claiming she not only did if for clout, but senseless at the same time.

See social media reactions:

femijoel69: Everyone just wants to be popular on this app sha .. lol even if it includes saying nonsense

dee_outfits: Just do video of your bleeeest and post because we all know that’s what you want to show off

official_cerinza: Na bress this one Dey sample jooor….na tomorrow my Ramadan Dey end ooh..don’t coma spoil my fast

callmehavillah: This one obviously knows she’s saying rubbish. She just wants to trend. and we’re helping her

vitakiwalaI: rebuke it in the mighty name of Jesus

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  1. This lady does not know what beating is. How can a man beats a woman he wants to marry and who will eventually be part of his body? Is it possible for someone to beat himself? Please beating is not even the best way to correct children let alone an adult. Discipline comes with repeated corrections and patience. Beating a child or an adult for that matter irritates him/her. Let this woman read the following bible instructions from all wise, most loving and one who cherishes discipline most (Jehovah, God) to see that what she is saying is in contrast to what discipline is – Ephesians 5:28, 29, 30 and 33Ephesians 6:4

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