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I will resign if anybody can prove God exists – Philippine President, Duterte

(180704) -- QUEZON CITY, July 4, 2018 (Xinhua) -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte speaks during the anniversary of the founding of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Quezon City, the Philippines, July 4, 2018. (Xinhua/Rouelle Umali) (wtc)

‘If any one can go to heaven, talk to God, and take a selfie – I will resign.’

President of the Philippine Rodrigo Duterte has offered to resign if anyone can take a selfie with God to prove he exists. His comments came just days after he called God “stupid”.

The latest outburst shows Duterte, aged 73, increasingly at odds with the Church in which he was raised and to which most Filipinos belong.

In the last few days, Duterte has also said he does not like the “creeping influence” of the Catholic Church. In addition, his presidential spokesman has accused the Church of working with Communist rebels to overthrow the government in the Philippines. The spokesman said the Church “sometimes runs counter to what the government believes to be good for the people, at least in this temporal life”.

In his latest speech on Saturday at the inauguration of the Malayan colleges in Mindanao, Duterte invited everyone “to become agents of hope and catalysts of progress”.

He urged all sectors of our society to keep supporting his administration’s development agenda, especially in pursuits that would educate our young and empower more Filipinos, and his government’s ongoing campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.

“This will be helpful in ridding ourselves of the social ills that have shackled our growth and hindered our country from achieving its full potential.”

After describing his own progress through the education system and then his career in law and politics, he said he believed in God, but did not believe in a God who intervenes in the world. “Otherwise there would be no widespread injustice: hunger, killings, and all.”

If any one of the many billions of people on earth can go to heaven, talk to God, and take a selfie, “I will step down tomorrow. No question,” he said.

The Catholic bishops in the Philippines have been highly critical of Duterte’s crackdown on drugs, which has resulted in thousands of deaths.

Two priests have themselves been shot this year, one only last month. In the last few days the bishops have called for fasting and prayers after Duterte called God “stupid”.

The president said in his latest address: “Every Filipino is entitled to criticise me as a matter of right. A general, a school dean, the academe, the students.”

If he falls short of expectations they are right to criticise because he will have failed them in his promises. “But certainly not a foreigner, however holy, he said. He will not allow foreigners to attack him, just as he is not allowed to attack leaders of other countries.

Referring to the priests, and the Church, and everybody connected with any religion or whatever, he continued: “When you criticise me, criticise me with all the heart’s content. Do it. I’m even asking you to do it.” However, the separation of Church and state is a principle of the republican system of government.

“So when you criticise me, do not use the platform of God, that God will send you to hell, that God will never forgive you, hell is waiting for you. Do not do it. Do not take God — God’s name in vain. It’s fundamental. It’s almost basic. There is really a clear cut between religion and governance. You cannot use God to criticise me.”

He has never said he does not believe in God. “But something terrible happened when we were young… while confessing, we were fondled.”

So when he graduated, he decided he no longer believed in the Catholic God and created his own God instead – a God of justice and fairness. “My God is my service to the people. Period.”


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  1. Himself is the proof that God exists otherwise he will not call any person that does not exist stupid. You do not call empty thing stupid otherwise it shows madness on the person’s part. Nevertheless, l must say that it is also not wise for him to call God stupid because this is the person he has not seen before or believe to exist. Again this same person did not cause or insult him before raiding abuses on God. This is the highest level of ignorance on his part. If God does not exist, how come no one has denied it from creation or throughout history even though evolutionist ignorantly claimed that we come from nowhere. From creation, God said he created all things according to their kinds and this has been Genesis 1:25 while evolutionist who believe that we evolve from nowhere cannot prove how rabbits or even monkeys has changed to another form. How can a person who does not leave upto 2000 years tell us lies about how we came into existence by evolution from former things behind. Thank God evolutionists themselves are beginning to come to terms with the fact that they are not sure of what they claim. It is no wonder God said it in the bible of book of Psalm 14:1 that it is only a foolish man that says God does not exist. If people who claim to serve God live a different life out of what God instructed them make him to say all manners of things about God, he needs to re-examine his views and stand in the light of truth especially when bible book of 2Timothy 3: 5 says that some will have a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power or act according to what they claim. Clearly then, if he can prove how he himself came into existence without God, we will all now agree with him on his views otherwise, l repeat himself is the prove of God existence.

  2. God does not need anybody’s permission for his existence .
    You can not use mathematics or science to prove the existence of God.
    And if that is what you want I am equal to the task.
    If no computer or robot can exist without the input of human intelligence then it should be understood that humans, the earth, the seas and the heavenly bodies in their orderliness could not have come into being by accident unless by the input of a supernatural intelligence, who is God .
    Only a fool will say that there is no God

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