I Regret Ever Going To Church And Believing In Jesus – Female Traditionalist Says

A Nigerian traditionalist identified as Purity Nick, has taken to her Facebook page to state that she regrets ever going to a church and believing in Jesus Christ.

Purity in her post, said she does not believe in Heaven or that a man will someday take every believer to heaven.

Read what she wrote below:

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  1. If you want to know your root, is it you who just started life recently or the one (Jehovah God) who gave you the life? Have you ever heard that all the stories told by Jesus Christ in the holy bible were proven false by Jesus contemporaries or any other person for that matter? How did you suddenly know that river rituals are the best and only way to our salvation? Notice that before God started dealing with humans he made himself known and even the beginning of His creation that no one has even refuted is very well documented for our enlightenment (Genesis 1, Proverbs 3:19) and so God is actually the one teaching us to benefit ourselves (Isaiah 48:17,18). The only thing l will agree with you is that many of us who profess to be Christians have distorted the truth in the bible and so many have been deceived to believe wrong teachings – Mathew 24:24, 2Peter3:17; 1John4:1; 2Thesalonian 2:3-12; 2Timothy3:6 and 1Timothy4:1. My sister l will advice that you read, study and understand the bible yourself and where you find it difficult to understand, reach the true Christian organization that will explain the truth because we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free – John 8:32. This is to enable you escape the shackles of the demonic power behind river rituals

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