‘I Have The Right To Cheat’ – WATCH Moment Man Slapped His Girlfriend After She Confronted Him For Cheating On Her

A video making the rounds online shows the moment an angry boyfriend slapped his girlfriend after she questioned why he cheated on her.


In the clip, the girl can be seen surrounded by the boy and his friends who were drilling her with questions and when she finally spoke up that he cheated on her, the boyfriend proceeded to give her a ‘dirty slap’.


See video below:



Social media users have kicked against this abusive behavior and they also advised girls to be mindful of the kind of guys they date.


See their reactions:


Some Girls should definitely Know the Kind of people they Date!!! Some Idiots will Leave the Good Guys and Go for the Wrong Nigga….
She’s sleeping with three friends while dating one of them, now she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who impregnated her lol Damn!

Where did you get that info from?
So boys are allowed to cheat….what is all this

A quick one Miss. Do you wanna be cheating like some dudes do ? The choice is yours. One don’t have to act like others in this life. Set your principles in life.
Women and hotel are like 5 and 6…they like white bed sheets with high head bed alot
Who they carry them go there?
Hmmmmn domestic violence has to stop
But she was sleeping with two friends
That guy they madt ooh so na only guys get right to cheat. Your fada. If i be that babe sis you don fire be that. Thank God no man born of a woman can treat my sis like a crab unless she hide it from me. Wdf
Everyone in that room except the lady should be arrested for GBV. Some of these guys are the ones spoiling the reputation of men. They have no right to interrogate, film or assault her in that manner.
Exactly ooo my sister
Why would she agree to sleep with 3 friends if that’s the true story ?

Very wrong. But next time post full video.
I see domestic violence here but how i really see the matter be say make the boy dey try brush him teeth and especially tongue and try restudy with QUEEN PREMIER

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