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Here’s How You Can Avoid “Super Gonorrhoea”

Two British women have caught a strain of “super gonorrhoea”, Daily Mail reports.

One of the infected women, did not use a condom while having sexual intercourse with a man who recently came back from Spanish party island — Ibiza. The woman is said to have spread it to at least one man.

The other woman caught the infection after having sex with multiple men in Ibiza.

The link between both cases, according to researchers, is Ibiza as they were exposed through people who had sex in the Spanish Island.

The woman who caught the gonorrhoea in Spain was treated successfully on the first attempt. The UK resident, needed three injections and one course of antibiotics.

None of the infected men have been identified yet, and scientists fear they may have spread the potent strain further.  

Gonorrhoea, which used to be known as ‘the clap’, is a bacterial infection which used to be easily treated with antibiotics. It is becoming increasingly difficult to fight as the bacteria are evolving and becoming resistant enough to survive front-line medications.

Over the past few months, cases of this infection have been reported and it appears to be spreading worldwide. So BNers, here are ways you can avoid super gonorrhoea, celibacy or if you are sexually active — Always use a condom and practice other safe sex methods, go for a thorough sexual health check-up and request your partner does the same, stay healthy by exercising and eating wholesome foods so your immune system is in tip-top shape.

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