God Has Become Powerless That Nigerian Church-goers Want To Fight His Battles – Uche Nnaji

Uche Nnaji, a Nigerian stylist has dropped his two cents on how Nigerian church-goers have made God look so powerless by choosing to fight his battle.

According to Uche Nnaji, Nigerian church-goers always attack anyone with a different opinion about God and Christianity, because they believe it is in their POWER to fight for their god and defend its integrity .

Read his post below;

The URGE by the Nigerian church-Goers to always FIGHT for God is not only Worrisome but also Hilarious.
It is this same URGE that drives some extremist think it is their primary KIP in life to defend a FATE and god and so they bomb PUBLIC transportation and places because they believe it is in their POWER to fight for their god and defend its integrity .
I don’t want to believe that the God who struck down UZZAH the “nice man with Noble intentions “ trying to “HELP HIM “ stop the Ark of Covenant from falling has become powerless that the Nigerian Church-Goers always want to fight his battles .
the sooner we understand that God doesn’t need us to fight his battles and protect his man names and titles , the better for us.

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  1. No one fights for God if mistakes are made and they are corrected or adjusted using God’s word just like Jesus and his early disciples did please. Otherwise, people will likely take to the wrong word and application and this is very damaging to one’s spiritual health. Even in true Christian organization, this is done to readjust the erring one for his/her salvation – 1Corinthian 5:1-13. One thing you should know is that correction is part of discipline from God and preaching to the person corrected and you doing the correction -1Corinthian 10: 12, 9:16, Romans 2:21-23. Parents repeatedly correct their children and this does not mean God cannot correct the child as needed. In secular life, when anybody is going out of the agreed way, he is cautioned so as to readjust him/her. If correction is made and the person insists on his opinions, then he has to face the consequences. In Uzzah’s case, he may have been spared if someone had cautioned him not to touch the ark since he is not qualified to touch it

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