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‘God Banned My Friend’s Wife from Heaven for Failing to Pay Tithe’ – RCCG Pastor Reveals (Video)


A Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor, Mike Nwanegbo has courted controversy while defending the general overseer, Pastor Enoch A Adeboye who said anyone who doesn’t pay tithe wouldn’t enter heaven.
Nwanegbo however left tongues wagging after he claimed that his friend’s wife was in a vision where she was barred from entering heaven because she wasn’t a tither.
In a 7 minute video which was shared on Youtube, the RCCG pastor condemned the people that fail to pay their tithe. He also criticised unconventional and controversial pastor Sunday Adelaja for faulting Adeboye’s “tithe for heaven” conclusion.
The video which has gone viral on social media, sparked outrage from users who blasted the pastor for making such a claim which many found controversially.
Many questioned him asking him to bring proof from the Bible that anyone who doesn’t tithe will not enter the kingdom of God.
Watch video below:

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  1. Hey! my goodness. Were you there in heaven with your friend’s wife before she was deported from heaven? Are you saying heaven is what people can try and see whether they will be allowed to be there or not? Are you not the same person that says that a good person goes straight to heaven while a wicked man goes to hell? Now that you also preach that those who do not pay tithe are wicked, how come the woman who refused to pay tithe was admitted in heaven at all before sending her back? Did God make the mistake of admitting her in the first instance before thinking through such that she was now deported? Is God’s throne as easy to reach as such even with sins? Was your friend’s wife with blood and flesh when she was in heaven such that you can see her while you were still on earth with blood and flesh because no blood and flesh can see spirit if your friend’s wife was already transformed to spirit? Did you see God and His angels when you were watching your friend’s wife deportation from heaven? It is clear that this thing you have said here is not true. You did not see anyone driven from heaven please. It has never been so. Once you are in heaven, you remain there because God must have seen to it that you are fit to be there before allowing you to meet Him, His son and angels in heaven please. Let us stop preaching falsehood and intimidate create fear in people’s minds to part with the little they have. God is more interested in our clean heart and upright standing before Him than our wealth.

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