Glamour Model ‘Kidnapped And Drugged’ By Online Crime Group!! ( Photos)

The glamour model allegedly kidnapped and drugged by online organised crime group ‘Black Death’ was also reportedly caught up in the Paris terror attack earlier this year. Chloe Ayling was held captive for almost a week in a remote farmhouse in Italy, where she was handcuffed to furniture and forced to sleep on the floor.
The 20-year-old was only released days ago when her kidnapper realised she was a mum with a young child.
But it’s reportedly not the first time she’s faced a horrific situation.

Just a few months ago Chloe was also said to be caught up in Paris’s Champs-Elysees shopping street attack where a Kalashnikov-wielding murder killed a police officer and seriously wounded two others.


The then 19-year-old model had arrived in the French capital for a photoshoot in April and, according to a spokesman for her modelling agency, was walking along the famous city strand when the incident unfolded.
The young mum’s hotel was close to the terrifying incident which took place at around 9pm on April 20.
According to the Daily Star, Phil Green, of Supermodel Agency, said at the time: “She did not know exactly what had happened, until turning on the internet on her phone – there she saw the news about the suspected terrorist attack in the centre of Paris.
“She says all the streets around her hotel are in lockdown – and everyone is very scared – particularly as she has learned now that one of the attackers is on the loose.”
The paper reported that she was told to get off the street, went back to her hotel and called her mum to say she was safe.
Now four months later, Chloe has landed back in the UK after her terrifying experience in Italy.
The model, who has waived her right to anonymity, rushed back to see her mum and spend time with their four-year-old beagle Nylah.


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