FG Asks NIMC To Eradicate Bio-Data Duplication

The federal government has asked the National Identity Management Commission ( NIMC) todevise a compelling and innovative identity management system without duplication. It depicted the expansion and duplication of efforts at bio-metric-based ‎identity systems as neither cost-effective nor security smart.

The acting secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), Habiba Lawal, gave the order at the inauguration of the new governing board of NIMC.

The management of NIMC recently confirmed that it had commenced the harmonisation process of all bio-data of Nigerians.

Data expected to be harmonised include the subscriber identification module (SIM), card registration being handled by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), bank verification number (BVN), drivers’ licence from the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC); voter cards number, among others.

“Apart from being unwieldy, the cost of operating multiple discordant databases and infrastructure is unattainable,” Lawal said.

She said despite the success of the commission at data capture of persons qualified for registration in the country, “there is still much more to be done”.


Lawal urged the members of the board to take a cue from the countries that have successfully issued unique identity to its citizens and have utilised identity to transform their society and economy.

She expressed optimism that the ongoing work at the NIMC would give way to harmonisation and unification with the electronic identification system being operated and managed by the commission.

“We need change, positive change in our identity eco-system. The change starts with all of us agreeing to make the sacrifices and commitment required, defining clear policy direction and taking collective actions to achieve our common goal,” she said.

“The speed of data collection must have to be improved upon, and this will reduce justifications given by MDAs, as reasons for duplicated bio-metric options.

“Engage each other more‎, work closely together, build synergy and support one another to function effectively. Cooperation of all stakeholders is the only way we can succeed.

“Hopefully, the harmonisation programme, being spearheaded by the office of the ‎vice president, will help to achieve this, especially, by the commission ensuring that the MDAs switch or at least align their existing infrastructure as data collection agents to the NIMC system.”


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