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Fayose Sister, Mo Fayose Distributes Posters Of Lady Who Snatched Her Friend’s Husband In UK (Video)

Mo Fayose, the sister of Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, recently took to the streets of Woolwich in England to distribute leaflets and posters of a lady identified as Daisy Ajisefini(far left) who is allegedly having an affair with her friend, Yemi’s husband known as Kashif Da Flash.
Mo says Kashif and Daisy started as Business partners until they began to have an affair. Mo says Kashif has now abandoned his wife, Yemi, and their two children. She says she is on a mission to ensure Daisy leaves Kashif. On her Facebook page, Mo wrote
Hello Everyone,
Please I need your advise before I contact Dazzlin Daizy about this matter.
For over 5years now Dazzlin Daizy & my friend’s husband Kashif DA Flash have been extremely close. Their closeness they said is for business.
In as much as I understand that men and women can be doing some sort of business together, I still strongly believe that if you are going to be doing any business with a married man or woman, there should also be some sort of boundary…
The reason for my post is this.. .
Kashif DA Flash Is due to celebrate his 50th birthday in which Dazzlin Daizy is the one in charge of everything…. my question to her is this, WHY PLAN A BIRTHDAY FOR A FAMILY MAN THAT EVEN HIS 2 CHILDREN ARE NOT INVITED?
There is God ooo…
The woman that stole my husband from me many years ago was also a business business business and business associate, till they started to dey koko each other.
This is not a fight to support only Folayemi Yemzy but to also support her 2 children. Dazzlin Daizy Entertaining MC/Comedienne to please consider her position in this matter and allow this family to live in peace. Even if their marriage is already shakey, I don’t think it’s in your place to continue to make this business a kokoing one.
Call me noisy, call me witch, call me noise maker, I am sure both Dazzlin Daizy and especially Kashif are aware that I don’t hide behind people’s back to pass my judgement, I will graciously do it to your face ni . …
So please Dazzlin Daizy, I take God beg you let Kashif’s spend more time with his children and allow him to celebrate his 50th birthday with them at least. You have your own husband and I am sure you won’t want another woman to celebrate his 60th birthday with him without your consent.
Please my awesome sister, I beg you.. let him off the hook. Find another business partner, don’t allow this home to break with your name in the middle.
Police was involved a while ago and I thought you have stopped this sexualbusinesslationship… Even if Kashif would rather be with you, be a super woman for us women and do the right thing.
From the bottom of my heart, I love you. Please let this home stand …
God bless you lots
One love sister Photos/Videos: Governor Fayose?s sister distributes posters of lady who allegedly snatched her friend?


Watch videos of Mo walking the streets of London sharing leaflets about Kashif and Daizy’s relationship below

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