“Fayose Not After My Life, Disregard Fake Report” – Sen. Olujimi

Senator Abiodun Olujimi
The Former Deputy Governor of Ekiti state and current Senator speaking to Ekiti South Senatorial District, Senator Abiodun Olujimi has encouraged individuals from people in general to ignore a report in some area of the media implied to have radiated from her and guaranteeing that she said the Governor of the state, Mr. Ayodele Fayose is after her life.

The Senator who addressed Vanguard on Friday said such fake and unreliable report is the coordination of some political spoilers who need to cause perplexity and pitch her against the representative. She likewise said that she is neither battling the senator nor is Fayose battling her.

Sen. Abiodun-Olujimi

According to her, “I am not fighting the Governor, neither is he fighting me. And, I am not that vile. If I want to fight the Governor, I will fight him decently. It is the work of detractors. Disregard such.”

The fake report making the rounds claimed that Senator Olujimi alleged Governor Fayose wants to be the only face of the party in the whole of south west. It also claimed Fayose warned every politician in the state to steer clear governorship seat come next election.

The rumour read thus:

“My name is Abiodun Olujimi, a former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State and Senator representing Ekiti South Senatorial District. I am a member of the Peoples Democratic Party and also the Deputy Minority Whip, the only female among the principal officers of the Senate.”

There is no doubt that the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose is seriously hunting for my life. I am not the only one, very soon the bubble will bust. You will see him suspending almost half of the members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly. He would frame them up for one thing or the other. Not only that, his Deputy, Dr. Olusola Eleka is already done with that government, he may be suspended any moment next.”

“Fayose wanted to be the face, the eye and god of PDP, not only in Ekiti State but throughout the South West. He also wanted to be the only one running the affairs of the party in Nigeria.

“Fayose behaves more like a thug who is not properly brought up to associate with a civilised group or society. He doesn’t want to be challenged and he doesn’t like people asking him questions. He is a semi-god. It is high time Ekiti people rise against him.

“Even before this time, I told him, your excellency, it is wrong to refer to yourself as the Speaker of Ekiti Assembly, it doesn’t sound civilised and it is undemocratic. I also told him, it is not too good to share all the contracts in Ekiti State between yourself and your family.

“He got very angry, he said, madam, you are very stupid, I made you, I made you what you are. Who are you to challenge my authority? He got me wrong and that was the genesis of my troubles with him.

“He later called some top PDP members to a meeting and warned us never to dream of contesting for the Ekiti governorship seat, not even me, not even Adeyeye, not even Surv. Aluko or Eleka or anyone for that matter.

“He asked some elders of the party who is older to be his father to prostrate and beg him for working against the party in the past. What do you call that for goodness sake? We would not allow this mistake in Ekiti again, his time is up and up.”

However, the female Senator under the platform, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and who is equally the Deputy Minority Whip in the Senate debunked the report when she spoke to Vanguard on Friday. She said such fake news never came from her.

She also said that it is the work of some political detractors who are taking undue advantage of the ripples caused by the House of Assembly to cause confusion.

She said such rumour should be disregarded as it is totally untrue and irresponsible.

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