Fani-kayode Blasts Osinbajo, Says He is Hypocrite

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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has insinuated that the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, is a hypocrite who preaches against hate speech yet indulges in it more than anyone else in Nigeria.


According to him, Osinbajo takes pleasure in vilifying members of the opposition by publicly branding them “looters” and demonizing them even before a court of law has pronounced them guilty of any wrongdoing.

In an open letter written to the Acting-President on Thursday, Fani-Kayode said:

“You have constantly condemned and warned against what you call “hate speech” in our nation yet you indulge in it more than anyone else.
“I say this because you constantly call others, particularly members of the opposition, “looters” and you take pleasure on demonising them before the world even before a court of law has pronounced them guilty of any wrongdoing.
“You also call them “plunderers”, “liars”, “clueless” and “destroyers”. If this is not hate speech then I really don’t know what is!
“You have stigmatised and criminalised every single leading member of the opposition PDP, including our leader President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, over the last three years and you have sought to paint us as reprobates and evil souls that are not fit to hold public office and that have destroyed the very foundation of our country.
“One of your most prominent and vocal sympathisers, supporters and leaders even called President Jonathan’s wife, our former First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, an ugly and illiterate hippopotamus! Are these sentiments not motivated by pure hate?
“Yet you know very well that all that you and your associates have said about the PDP and our leaders is not only a lie from the pit of hell but also a carefully crafted, purposely contrived and premeditated false narrative.
“Worse still you are fully aware of the fact that over sixty percent of your party elders and APC governors, ministers, legislators and public office holders were, up until three or four years ago, all elders, leaders and members of the PDP, including President Olusegun Obasanjo and Vice President Atiku Abubakar.
“If the PDP was so bad why did you give those that came from there such prominent positions and key roles to play at both the state and federal level before, during and after the presidential election of 2015?“You claim that those that are calling for restructuring are only doing so in order to get an appointment. You measure others by your own squalid standards and you do nothing but take shameless dictation from a tiny cabal of faceless shape-shifting reptilians, corpsocrats, bloodsucking demons and vampires.
“You cover up their atrocities and you endorse their wicked ways and their evil persecution.”

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