#EndSARS Frontliner, Rinu Laments Over Inability To Write Her Exams

#EndSARS frontliner, Rinu has lamented over her inablity to write her exams.


The protester whose bank account and that of others were frozen by the Central  Bank, lamented over being tagged a terrorist by the apex bank as claimed in a court order is obtained.


Rinu stated that the system is failing her when all she did was demand accountability from leaders of the nation.


She tweeted;


How do I write exams after being tagged a terrorist whose only crime is demanding accountability from the leaders of her nation? Responsibility comes with great consequences but I am not afraid. I am only disappointed that the system is failing me.

Let’s be very honest. Is Nigeria not a zoo?

You will make every possible effort to succeed in Nigeria, and the system will also make equal gigantic efforts to bring you down.



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