Drama as Two Pastors Accept Islam During Ramadan Lecture in Ogun State

Two pastors yesterday accepted Islam as their new faith, putting aside Christianity during a Ramadan lecture that held in Ogun state.

According to reports, two pastors allegedly accepted Islam during Ramadan lecture of Sheik Muhydeen Ballo Oniwaasi Agbaye in Ilaro,Ogun State.

As shocking as it may seem the pastors who practiced Christianity previously got accept Islam as their new religion. The pastors were immediately given Muslim names; Muhammad Saheed and Muhammad Jamiu.

The pastors were pictured wearing white garments or sultanas as they knelt in from of the Sheik in Ogun state while they accepted their new faith.

See more pictures from the event below…

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  1. Are you sure they were Christians before? This is what the true servants of God have been saying that not everyone professing to be Christians are truly so. – Mathew 24:24. Are you sure they did not convert because of what they want to gain physically? After going through the bible and accepted the word of God and Christ as truthfully as they are but only to come back later to reject what they have accepted before, then their conditions is as described in 2Peter 2:22 that the dog has come back to its vomit.

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