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Drama As Man Removes Shoes And Wig He Bought Girlfriend After Seeing Her With Another Man | Video

A video circulating the social media shows the moment a Nigerian man was humiliating his girlfriend after he caught her having lunch with another man in a restaurant.

In the viral video, the man could be seen walking towards the table on which a young lady believed to be his girlfriend was having lunch with another man.

When he got to the table, the man began confronting the lady and forcefully trying to take something in her possession.

During the tussle, the other guy couldn’t bare with the humiliation anymore, so he got up and walked out from the scene.

After he left, the angry man finally overpowered the girl and snatched the wig together with the footwear she was wearing which he allegedly bought for her.

As he walked out of the restaurant, some people in the background were heard condemning his action, yet no one stood up to do anything.

Watch the video below:



Many users on Twitter have reacted to this development.

Tweep with the handle @VictorIsrael_ wrote:


“This King must be really Hurt. That Bone straight hair cost about 300k. If he earns 80k a month & saves 30k monthly, that means he gave up his 10 months savings to buy her that hair. What did he get in return? This king wont trust women again. Let’s remember him in our prayers.”

@TashaRoyal9 commented:

“I’m sure she didn’t tell the guy where she was going to OR probably she lied. And from the look of things I believe this guy traced her to this place, he might be suspecting her. In as much as the guy shouldn’t have gone that far by stripping her off her wig and shoe but…”

@TheBabaTee wrote:

“Dating or not, the moment you give someone a gift it’s already theirs. Forcefully collecting it back is tantamount to theft.”


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