“Don Jazzy is A Broke Tenant While Dbanj Is Struggling To Feed” – Onyeka Nwelue

Controversial filmmaker and writer Onyeka Nwelue do not think highly of  Nigerian popular musicians. You may have noticed when he wrote the book ‘Hip-Hop is Only for Children’.

However he has taken his disgust to another level in a recent Facebook of his where he rubbished major Nigerian celebrities who he described as less than paupers.

In his words,’ Dbanj is still struggling to feed while Don Jazzy is a struggling Lagos tenant’ a shocking and ridiculous claim about two of the widely acknowledged richest artistes in this country.

The Facebook post reads thus:

‘Every celebrity in Nigeria is broke. They are like me. They don’t have the money they tell you they have. Many of them I have seen their bank statements. I don’t care if they start avoiding me now. I know better. Stop feeling inadequate, young people. You see as I beg for money publicly, that is how these celebrities suffer and beg for money secretly. When I was writing Hip-Hop is Only for Children, I spent time travelling with many of them and I know the truth. Let them shut up. Now HushPuppi and his bitches have dragged Ugo Mozie into their rubbish.

Don Jazzy is a tenant. He is broke. Forget everything. D’Banj is hustling every day to feed. Davido spends the money they pay for every show.

Sinach and Frank Edwards [both gospel artistes] are richer than these guys. This, I know! I am tired of all the social media haranguing and brouhaha and lies and show! And you will say, How e take concern you?

I am angrily writing this because those of you who feel because you are not famous and so you think you are poor, remember it is the little cash that you people send to our accounts that make us dey do iyanga.

Forget all the foreign trips. Do you know how many people who buy me flight tickets? When you talk about wealth, people who are wealthy don’t throw them around on social media. Be yourself because I have seen their bank details. And I know we are all struggling. fuck inferiority. You folks who think fame is fortune need to relax. You are better than us!’

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