Despite Paying Over N500k/Month Child Support, Wizkid Babymamas Say He Is a Useless Father

It is never cheap to keep babymamas and let alone having 3 of them! that is what the very posh life of 27 years old music star, Wizkid is like. the young and very financially successful music star already has 3 babymamas all who are older than him and the latest one being 36 years old is almost 9 years his senior! but hey, in the love world age is nothing but a freaking number! but sometimes numbers cause troubles!

Newsmen have uncovered that Wizkid pays roughly over N500K for the upkeep of his kid with his babymamas but they are far from content from it as they call him a deadbeat father who refuses to take his fatherly duty (like taking his sons to soccer practise and having more babies with them, I suppose), it is already a hard path that Wizkid has chose because all his children are still babies, the reality might hit alot harder in 20 years time when all the kids are grown and his life looks like world war 3 where all the 3 babymamas (assuming more dont join) become countries on their own battling for their share of his estate, what a world!

Peep some of the comments of his babymama who was an American stripper before wizkid got her pregnant below:

First babymama, Sola Ogudu also bashed him:

Although wizkid has tried to disperse the rumours by claiming there are 2 sides to every story:

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