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Daddy Freeze Challenge Adeboye for A Debate, Offers to Teach Him “The Real Truth About Christ for Free”

Daddy Freeze challenge Adeboye for a debate, offers  to teach him “the real truth about Christ for free!”


“I have challenged their GO Enoch, to a debate on several times to no avail. If he doesn’t want a debate, we can sit over a beer and discuss these scriptures and I can offer to teach him the real truth about Christ for free!”

“He has made it obvious that paying tithes in churches doesn’t sit well with him. He has also urged his followers not to pay tithe but rather take it to the less privileged homes.”

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  1. This man should know it that even Jesus Christ did not claim to know more than the scribes in his time but simply speak and teach the truth for whoever wants to listen. Please, simply say what you know in the bible and leave people to make informed choices after they have re-examined the truth you gave them like the Beroeans did when Paul preached to them – Acts 17:11. You might think you know much about bible but you need the Holy Spirit to be very much good in understanding it

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