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Buhari Was A Product Of Southern Arrangement Made In 2015 And Not North — Northern Groups

Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has described President Muhammadu as a product of “Southern arrangement” made in 2015.


The coalition in a statement released by its spokesperson Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, stated that President Buhari was not the candidate for the North in 2015 and was presented by Southern politicians in 2015 as an alternative to former President Goodluck Jonathan.


They added that Buhari was packaged by southern political forces right from the merger that produced All Progressives Congress (APC) to his victory at the primaries.


According to the CNG, the North was being terrorised by insurgents at that time and it had no option but to accept Buhari.


Suleiman who admitted that Buhari’s administration appointed more northerners into critical positions than southerners, stated that it should not be used to measure the prosperity of the people as “the South has benefitted more from Buhari’s administration than the North.”


The statement read;


“We all can testify that the North has been the major casualty of the policies of the Buhari administration while the South is the major beneficiary. As far as the North is concerned, Buhari was not the candidate for the North but an arrangement made by the South to suit certain interests.

“This (appointment of northerners into critical positions) cannot be a yardstick for judging a people’s development or prosperity.”

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