Bobrisky Slams TV host, Hero Daniels, Says He Is Not On His Level

Yesterday, the internet was set on fire as Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky and TV host, Hero Daniels took a swipe at each other over Toyin Lawani’s car gift to BBNaija finalist, Nina.

Hero had insinuated that the car gift was a shade to Bobrisky. The male barbie wasted no time to call out Hero who has also replied.

See their exchanges below ;

Hero then went on to call out Bobrisky ;

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t dedicate a post to a Talentless individual like Bobrisky but I’m fed up with this DUDE. Your silly antics on social media which I find very amusing is great material for me as a comedian but that doesn’t mean I like your personality. So , you can stop trying to get my attention really .

First it was the calls, I blocked you. Now you’re trolling me on social media? Lol ?. The hard truth is that Toyin Lawani is everything you’d never be…She’s Beautiful , Rich , Successful and a WOMAN. You can NEVER be a woman no matter how many fake traditional wedding you stage or pancakes you apply on your “struggling-to-breathe” face .
Piece of Advice?
Get a real job, learn a Handiwork or something and stop wanking to my videos.

Bobrisky then fired back at Hero, in two seperate posts.

Read below ;

Abeg if u know dis motherfucker with cow skull tell him I’m never in his level in any level. Did u cal urself a comedian ? U are not funny and I don’t think anyone find ur dirty ass funny. Just because Linda ikeji employ u fool doesn’t mean u have mouth to talk me. Pls how much is your salary…u wanna mess with me ! I will finish ur upcoming Career trust me.

The last time I saw dis he goat was at mega chicken. I don’t even know the bastard. He walked up to me to introduce himself to me that he work for Linda in my mind I was like so the fool was now asking for my no. Now the idiot wanna talk to me. U want to use me to blow abi ? Naaa ur own will never work. For those of u who don’t know wat dis idiot did. He mentioned me on a post that was going viral last nite and I saw it. And I responded to the idiot never to include my name or come close to me again whenever he see me in public, But wait Guys ! Y do some people pretend to like u wen they are alone with u and later go behind to gossip. I’m waiting for ur clap back o and see how I will finish u asap. Idiot see his ear like church standing fan. Foolish boy.

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