“If the Bible was Inspired by the Word of ‘god’ then How come We Wrote…… – Seun Kuti Accuses God of Plagiarism

Some heated drama went down on Seun Kuti’s Instagram page yesterday.

Seun accused God of plagiarism after he shared snapshot from a book that compared the Bible’s Proverbs to the teachings of Amen-en-ope.

According to Seun,

If the bible was inspired by the word of ‘god’ how come we wrote the thoughts of ‘god’ before ‘gods’ people ?

Is it really proverbs or is it stolen from work of our ancestor pharaoh Amen-em-Ope. Steal knowledge. Steal land. Steal people. Steal resources. #lifeondroad #struggletour #naijaresistance

His fans who wouldn’t take the comparison came for him and a heated argument followed.

seun kuti accuses God plagiarism




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