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Best Romantic Tourist Destinations: Autumn 2017

Everyone has a different feeling for the coming autumn. Someone likes to put on warm clothes for the first time, listen to the drumming rain on the window, walk along the fallen leaves in the park. And another one starts already pining for the last hot days and reckless summer mood in the beginning of September. If you are also one of those who want to continue the summer as much as possible and spend this time with his hot girl, there are some romantic destinations that a Russian girl would love. Many romantic places that are located in the southern latitudes of our planet, give such an opportunity.

United States: Hawaii

To fly to Hawaii from Europe is a challenge for the strong in spirit, but if you live, for example, in the USA or Latin America then this is a special romantic place to relax. This destination is well-known because of the mass culture: Aloha, a flower wreath at the airport, beachwear from coconuts and cocktails on the beach. In this sense, the islands are unlikely to disappoint you. In addition, Hawaii is a place with a stunning green nature and as if created for a romantic holiday.


Spain: Seville

Seville is known as the “frying pan of Spain”, and it’s not surprising because the temperature here often reaches a mark of 40 degrees. The summer in Seville can be a real torture. But if you plan a trip a month or two later, you’ll hit the bull’s eye. The streets smell of oranges, shady squares are filled with local residents, sipping ice-cold beer and long dark nights smells of southern flavors.

The compact historical city center and the absence of a natural relief are ideal for long walks along the streets and familiarizing with theatrical culture.

Thailand: Rayong

It is not necessary to take a trip to Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui, as these directions are familiar to everyone. So, you can choose more unexplored directions for your romantic vacation, for example, Rayong province. At the end of October, the monsoon season ends and Rayong becomes a paradise: sunny beaches, quiet bays, palm groves, coral groves and a national park on the island of Ko-Samet.

Turkey: Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the best places to go to on the November holiday because at that time most tourists are already leaving Turkey, which means that the fairy-tale area of the gingerbread houses will belong only to you!

Explore the mysterious underground towns of Cappadocia, stretching for miles, and marvel at how thoughtfully and comfortably arranged these ancient megacities. Go up to the surface, go wandering around the cozy streets, looking at funny handmade souvenirs in local shops and acquiring something to remember! And of course, be sure to allow yourself an unforgettable flight in a hot air balloon, which during the autumn explosion of nature’s colors will impress even the most spoiled travelers!

United States: Miami

Besides wonderful picturesque view, here you will find a lot of entertainment. Firstly, it is a well-known resort where one can have a great time. Secondly, you can make one of the many cruises on the Caribbean islands, which will be a quite romantic and non-trivial pastime. Well, thirdly, you can go to Orlando and visit one of the amusement parks, which is highly recommended.

Argentina: Patagonia

If you want certainly to escape from the winter and do not know where to go in the autumn with your girlfriend, keep in mind that that time in the southern hemisphere is the spring! This is the most romantic time when nature blossoms and stunning views become even better. Horse riding, kayaking and mountain biking are just a small part of the huge list of activities available to the traveler and nature lover.

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