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The Lagos edition of this year’s Creative Industry Business Summit organised by the AMFEST EXPO Project eith the theme, ‘African Women in Arts & Culture Conference’, ended in Lagos over the weekend on September 7. The bespoke creative industry meetings were held at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The 3-day Conference was tuned to […]Continue Reading
YouTube is going after an alleged copyright troll using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) provisions, alleging that Christopher Brady used false copyright strikes to extort YouTube creators, harming the company in the process. Now, YouTube is suing Brady, using the DMCA’s provisions against fraudulent takedown claims, seeking compensatory damages and an Continue Reading
Canon Central and North Africa has partnered KAS Prints to provide KAS Prints customers with unique printing services. This collaboration, according to the partners, is based on commitment, multi-sector knowledge, secure data management and high value-added solutions. A statement from KAS Prints said Canon would use technologies specifically designed to improve their Continue Reading