ANEC: New NGE Members List Expectations

Some recently enlisted members of the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) have recorded their desires from the organization.

The editors spoke at the venue of the ongoing All Nigeria Editors Conference (ANEC) holding in Port Harcourt.

One of them, Ejike Obeta, said that he expected the guild to promote editorial delivery that would promote national peace and unity.

He said the NGE should have a mechanism that would ensure that its members performed their editorial functions in a manner that would ensure efficiency.

“NGE is at the peak of journalism, its members are gate keepers, they see the copies before the public, their jobs are crucial.

“I want to see a guild that is poised to see that its members delivered to the public contents that will trigger national unity and development,’’ he said.

Another newly inducted member, Kelvin Okunzuwa said that he was full of hopes that the guild would not fail the country, especially in the face of current trying times.

“I am expecting to meet a proactive guild, a body of editors that sees the nation first, this is because what we release to the public means a lot.

“I want to see the guild promoting high ethical standard in content delivery, the guild occupies a prominent position within the nation’s socio-political landscape,’’ he said.

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