Amanda Chisom Arrested Over Alleged Participation In “N50bn” Ponzi Scheme Carried Out By Chinmark

Media personality,  Amanda Chisom has been arrested over her alleged participation in a “N50bn” Ponzi scheme carried out by Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma a.k.a Chinmark.


Media personality, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu who shared a video of her arriving the office of FCID in Abuja after she was arrested, said she might be detained for a long time based on court order procured by the victims of the Chinmark’s heist that she was allegedly part of.


Giving an update on her arrest, Iwuchukwu wrote;


Update on Amanda Chisom’s arrest.

1) She was actually picked up on Tuesday morning from her residence by a team of crack detectives after her arrival from her Ponzi sponsored foreign vacation trip.

2) She is going to be detained for a long time based on court order procured by the victims of the Chinmark’s heist that she was part of.

As I type this, she has been singing like a canary bird about what she knows about the 50 billon Naira stolen by Chinmark and herself from innocent retail investors.

3) She would be charged to court after the conclusion of investigation by the team of crack of detectives currently interrogating/questioning her.

4) Her ordeal is a lesson to every young person including me.

There is no short cut to success.

The money from Ponzi is sweet but e dey hook for throat.

Stay away from ponzi. Stay away from scam and fraudulent business.

The hard way of building a brand/business from the bottom still remains the only sustainable way of being wealthy in Nigeria.

5)Attached below is a rare video of the ponzi queen walking majestically into the office of FCID in Abuja after she was arrested.

6) I will bring more updates as I receive them from my source.

Till then,

Good evening every one!


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