Actress Lilian Afegbai Calls out Photographer for Disappointing her on Birthday

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai, has called out an Abuja photographer who pulled an ‘Amaka’ stunt on her birthday photoshoot.

According to Lilian Afegbai she got disappointed by the Abuja Photographer ‘Byjaru’ after she flew to Abuja from Lagos for the birthday photoshoot. She wrote on Instagram;

Part 1 :
It’s my birthday but I really can’t explain how I feel.
A lot of times people do things to me and I try to always find ways around it when it hurts. I might not have so much money but those who know me would testify I like to pay for my shit.
Most times people send me dms, they want to do free stuff for me but I never really agree, I would rather pay and get the best.

I reached out to @byjaru I wanted to do a shoot for my birthday, I told her it wasn’t convenient because I just finished producing my second film and I spent so much, she asked what I wanted to look like, I told her. She sent pictures, I just got back on ajoche and I had to shoot my backlogs because I took few days off work. She sent pictures, I told her to just pick and send to me which she did. She asked if I would fly her to Lagos but she had preferred if I come down to Abuja. I asked repeatedly can you deliver?? if the timing is short let me know so i find someone else. She said it was okay that I should buy my ticket for Sunday first flight. That was last week, before I got the 7am flight I kept on checking on her if everything was still on Point.
She sent her different package for shoots. I chose the package I wanted and amounted to 200k, I sent her a 100k and was to balance her when I come.

My flight was for 7am which meant I had to leave my house 5am bare in mind I haven’t slept because I shot all through the night. I asked her a night before, is everything ready “She said yes “ I told her I will come to Abuja but I can only leave that same day because of work. She said it was perfect. I asked repeatedly can you deliver, if the timing is short let me know so i find someone else. She said it was okay that I should buy my ticket for Sunday first flight. That was last week, before I got the 7am flight I kept on checking on her if everything was still on Point. She said yes. I got to the airport, and she sent a message saying we have to move the shoot to Monday. I was so upset because she sent the message so nonchalantly like she didn’t respect the fact I had to get back to work.

Part 2 :
She said she couldn’t finish everything blah blah, I told her immediately I saw the signs. You should have told me so I find a way around it. My family thought I was being extra flying to Abuja for my shoot. I told my brother and cousin, I had to because there was a specific look I wanted. I got 3 offers for a free shoot in Lagos including Nonistics offering to make me 3 outfits. I refused, telling them I had to go to Abuja. I transferred her balance, I begged her to please get everything in order so I can still shoot and leave on Monday. I had to get a hotel, most places I liked were fully booked. Finally I got that sorted. Monday I went to the studio and everything looked disorganized, it felt like she was just getting a photographer and videographer that morning. I kept calm and just watched. There was no hair stylist but she did everything herself.

Somethings I expected I didn’t get, but at that point!! I just said anything goes for now. At least it’s still fine. We finished the shoot late so couldn’t make my flight had to reschedule. I told her my birthday was on Sunday and I needed the pictures and video before then. She said okay. I tried reaching her since Wednesday, finally she replied yesterday, saying she’s in Dubai that the photographer’s system crashed and that I will get my pictures. I asked for the photographer’s number, she refused to send it. I kept sending messages, calling. She finally stopped replying. This morning she’s telling me it’s not possible to get the pictures and videos. She can do a free shoot when she gets back.

WOW !!!!!!!!!Little things makes me happy, I don’t have to buy a private jet to be happy, but when you think you are too good and can do whatever you like, act unprofessional, that’s unacceptable.

I’m a human being, she’s telling me it’s just pictures, she’s sorry. The unprofessionalism in Nigeria is crazy and sometimes I wonder. Let’s say the money wasn’t convenient for you. Then don’t take it. Let’s say the timing wasn’t good enough, then don’t do it.
I regret working with you @byjaru you wasted my time, money and played with my work.

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