Actress Lilian Afegbai Blasts ‘Shallow-Minded Nigerians’ Attacking #EndSARS Protesters Over Their Outfits

Actress Lilian Afegbai has blasted Nigerians who stay online attacking others who go out to protest demanding an end to SARS and police brutality.


Addressing those who attack the protesters for what they wear and what they drink at the protest ground, the actress said

”Why are some of you so shallow minded? So because people dress up and go to protest, it now means they are losing focus? A lot of you writing messages on Instagram and Twitter, you have not one day come out to protest or even come out to share food or even as little as water and you have the audacity, the effontery to say people are coming out to dothis…if they are coming out to drink champagne or henessy, is that your business? Atleast they are out. Do you think its easy to stay under the sun everyday to protest. You are the one losing focus not us.

So because I am coming to protest I should dress like a mad person? Sorry I don’t have mad people’s clothes in my closet so I am sorry if I will not look mad to a protest”



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