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Abuja Imam Who Was Suspended Over ‘Anti-Buhari And Anti-Government’ Comment Speaks

Shiekh Nuru Khalid, Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, Abuja, who was suspended after delivering a sermon on insecurity on Friday April 1, has broken his silence on his suspension.


Khalid had called out Buhari for failing to visit those affected by insecurity in the country. He also flayed the Buhari-led administration over its failure to tame the escalating insecurity and killings in the country.


Senator Saidu Muhammed Dansadau, Chairman of the committee who defended the Sheik’s suspension, had accused him of inciting public outrage.


Dansadu said;


“I am informing you that you have been suspended from leading prayers in the Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque from today being April 2nd, 2022 until further notice.

“The decision was taken out of the inciting Friday sermon you delivered on April 1st, 2022; where you advised people not to vote come 2023 general elections unless politicians respond to some critical questions.

“You should have advised them to vote out those that transgress the Almighty and breach people’s social contract as well as the state.”


Commenting on his suspension on Sunday April 3, Khalid stated that while he’s unperturbed about his suspension, he however learnt about it from the media.


He vowed to continue speaking the truth, daring those who perceived his sermon as inciting to show evidence.


Khalid said;


“God is the most powerful. He gives (enthrones) and takes away power (dethrones) from whomever He wishes.

“Oh God! The master of sovereignty, you give sovereignty to whom you please, and seize sovereignty from whom you please, you honour whom you please and you abase whom you please, all good is in your hands, indeed you have power over all things.”



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