PDP Can’t Win Elections In Bayelsa Again- Joseph Fafi

Mr. Joseph Fafi, the Acting Chairman of the all Progressives Congress in an interview on wednesday in yenagoa has confidently mentioned that the  the ruling Peoples Democratic Party cannot win any elections in the state any more countering the backdrop of recent comments by Governor Seriake Dickson that the PDP would continue to produce the governor of the state

Dickson had, during the recent inauguration of a 10-member Contact and Mobilisation Committee of the PDP, asked the committee to mop up all the opposition parties in the state.

 But Fafi, reacting to the boasting by Dickson, said the ruling party in the state was already aware that it had come to the “end of the road’’ in Bayelsa State.

The acting chairman stated, ‘’Personally, I believe in action more than words. I can assure you that even those saying so are aware that it is the end of the road for the PDP in the state. They are aware, they are just trying to encourage themselves.

‘’We are finding a way to see that the state is controlled by the APC. We can’t be a restriction gathering to the Federal Government. We need to move with the change motivation, the moving train at the middle.

‘’It is the end of the PDP in this state. The PDP cannot win any election again in this state; I can assure you that and we are taking every step to ensure that. We have gone through some crisis; that is why it seems that we are silent.

‘’We are working very hard behind the scene so that by the time we unveil our plans, Bayelsans will have no other option but to realise that their future lies with the APC.’’

Fafi added that the APC had remained stronger and better having learnt from its past crisis with the removal of three former executive committee members of the party.

He said the former chairman of the party, Tiwei Orunimighe, had gone to court to challenge his removal and those of his deputy, Eddy Julius and the Secretary, Marlin Daniel.

He stated, “Tiwei Orunimighe has gone to court, which is his fundamental right, to seek redress, which is what should have been done in the first place instead of the crisis that was avoidable.

“That has not stopped us. We are moving on, whatever the court says, everybody will abide by it. But we are moving on as a family.’’

10-member Contact and Mobilisation Committee has been electected by the Chairman of the PDP in the state, Mr. Moses Cleopas with a mission to reach out to its former members who left the party.

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